Our mission is to simplify blood film analysis, for everyone, everywhere.
Our Approach

At Reach AI, we believe that simply having blood diagnostic information is not enough. Meaningful action is needed to create a real impact, in real life. That’s why we have designed Galet, our revolutionary rapid blood analysis platform that is specifically crafted to equip clinicians and patients with diagnosis insight they need to take quick action when it matters most.

Our Team

Team ReachAI is led by an experienced management team with more than an accumulated 30 years of experience in engineering, medicine, and medical device development. Our team consists of a highly innovative and multidisciplinary group of scientists and engineers.

Africa Felix Gonda, Ph.D., CEO and Founder

A recent graduate of Harvard SEAS and current resident at HBS, Felix is the founder of Reach AI and an expert in computer vision and robotics. He has extensive industrial experience in robotics, software and systems engineering.

Africa William Marks, Ph.D., Business Advisor

William is our resident business advisor. He is an expert in medical devices, and have extensive experience in Venture Capital.

Africa Peter Yensuk, IT Advisor

Peter has extensive experience managing IT for World Bank. He is also our main liaison to NGOs and local doctors in East Africa.

Africa Moses Duku, M.D., Medical Advisor

Robert is a medical doctor from Jersey General hospital in the UK. He is an expert in Gastroenterology and microbiology.

Africa Robert Serafino, M.D., Medical Advisor

Robert is a medical doctor from Barts Institute in the UK. He is an expert in microbiology and infectious disease. He has extensive experience working with malaria.

Africa Jon Markee., Marketing Advisor

Jon is our marketing expert. He has extensive industry experience working as marketing director and manager at Intel and the Intel Realsense team.