The Engine (MIT) - in progress
The Engine backs founders solving the world’s biggest problems through the convergence of breakthrough science, engineering, and leadership.
MassChallenge Boston - in progress
The Boston accelerator attract top talent and entrepreneurs and provide access to the tools and resources founders need to set roots and grow. MassChallenge is committed to advancing new technologies and innovations that will have a widespread impact across business, industry and economic growth.
Black Ambition Prize - $15,000
Spearheaded by Pharrel Williams, the Black Ambition Prize competition provide certain opportunities for communities that have historically, deliberately, and painfully been excluded from access to growth capital for their businesses. The Black Ambition Prize, sees a future where ideas flourish, pathways to success are elevated, and more Black and Latinx entrepreneurs are better positioned to build generational wealth that will transform the American landscape.
Harvard President Innovation Challenge - 3rd
The Harvard President Innovation competition bring teams from across eight schools to solve some of the world's challenging problems. It begins with a a recognition of a problem. How do we prevent the next pandemic? Protect forests from wildfires? Design a healthcare system that prioritizes quality of life? Create anti-racist AI? How do we approach inevitable new problems from a place of humility and compassion? These daunting challenges provide opportunities to draw from our shared hope to come together for a future beyond what we can imagine.